Food Celebration Days 2024

Food and drinks make up such a huge part of celebrations around the world! Whether birthdays, anniversaries or special festivals and occasions. This got me thinking about celebrating different food and beverage dates through the year, and the national food holidays that mark each one of them.

Here, I have compiled a list of some of the food holidays and national days as a one stop shop. So you can get planning your food celebration days accordingly! I have also included days that we would mark by sharing food with others. Days such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas and Thanksgiving. Making and sharing food, after all, is what this website is all about!

So here is a thorough and relevant list of food and drink holidays, and food celebration days 2024 for all your eating and drinking pleasure!

Enjoy! x

January | February | March | April | May | June

July | August | September | October | November | December

January 2024

1 – 31 JanuaryNational Baking Month
1 – 31 JanuaryNational Hot Tea Month
1 – 31 JanuaryNational Soup Month
1 JanuaryBloody Mary Day (Intl)
2 JanuaryCream Puff Day (US)
6 JanuaryNational Shortbread Day (US)
8 JanuaryNational English Toffee Day (US)
9 JanuaryNational Apricot Day (US)
11 JanuaryNational Milk Day (US)
12 JanuaryNational Marzipan Day (US)
13 JanuaryNational Peach Melba Day (US)
15 JanuaryNational Strawberry Ice Cream Day (US)
15 JanuaryBagel Day
16 JanuaryFig Roll Day
19 JanuaryNational Popcorn Day (US)
22 JanuaryBlondie Day
23 JanuaryNational Pie Day (US)
23 JanuaryRhubarb Day
23 JanuaryInternational Sticky Toffee Pudding Day (Intl)
24 January National Peanut Butter Day (US)
25 JanuaryBurns Night (UK)
25 JanuaryNational Irish Coffee Day (US)
27 JanuaryInternational Chocolate Cake Day (Intl)
28 JanuaryBlueberry Pancake Day
30 JanuaryNational Croissant Day
31 JanuaryNational Hot Chocolate Day (US)
Jammie dodger blondies. Yummy fudgy white chocolate blondies packed with beautiful jammie dodger biscuits and swirls of smooth raspberry jam. Recipe by movers and bakers
Jammie dodger blondies for Blondie Day on 22 January

February 2024

1 – 28 FebruaryNational Chocolate Lovers Month
1 FebruaryDark Chocolate Day
1 FebruaryBaked Alaska Day
2 FebruaryCrêpe Day
3 FebruaryNational Carrot Cake Day
3 FebruaryIce Cream for Breakfast Day (UK)
5 FebruaryWorld Nutella Day (Intl)
10 FebruaryChinese New Year (Year of the Dragon) (Intl)
10 FebruaryNational Cream Cheese Brownie Day (US)
10 FebruaryNational “Have A Brownie” Day
11 FebruaryWorld Latte Day (Intl)
13 FebruaryShrove Tuesday aka Pancake Day (Intl)
14 FebruaryNational Cream-Filled Chocolates Day (US)
14 FebruaryValentine’s Day (Intl)
16 FebruaryWorld Almond Day (Intl)
18 FebruaryDrink Wine Day (UK)
19 FebruaryMint Chocolate Day
20 FebruaryNational Cherry Pie Day (US)
20 FebruaryNational Muffin Day (US)
22 FebruaryNational Margarita Day (US)
23 FebruaryNational Banana Bread Day (US)
25 FebruaryNational Chocolate-Covered Peanuts Day (US)
26 FebruaryNational Pistachio Day (US)
27 FebruaryNational Strawberry Day (US)
27 FebruaryKahlua Day
28 FebruaryNational Chocolate Souffle Day (US)
Chocolate fudge cupcakes. Light chocolate cupcakes topped with an INCREDIBLE chocolate fudge icing and chocolate curls, these are a chocolate lover's dream come true! Recipe by movers and bakers
Chocolate fudge cupcakes for National Chocolate Lovers’ Month

March 2024

1 – 31 MarchNational Peanut Month (US)
1 MarchNational Peanut Butter Lover’s Day (US)
4 MarchNational Pound Cake Day (US)
4 – 10 MarchBritish Pie Week
6 MarchNational Oreo Day (US)
7 MarchNational Cereal Day (US)
7 MarchNational Flapjack Day (US)
8 MarchInternational Women’s Day (Intl)
10 MarchMother’s Day (UK)
14 MarchPopcorn Lovers Day (UK)
15 MarchEspresso Martini Day
17 MarchSt Patrick’s Day (UK)
19 MarchNational Chocolate Caramel Day (US)
20 MarchMacaron Day (US)
21 MarchTiramisu Day
25 MarchInternational Waffle Day (Intl)
26 MarchNational Nougat Day (US)
28 MarchNational Black Forest Cake Day (US)
29 MarchNational Chiffon Cake Day (US)
29 MarchGood Friday (Intl)
31 MarchEaster Sunday (Intl)
food holidays: This easy four ingredient no churn Oreo ice cream is a cookies and cream lovers delight! Quick and easy to make, this is one summer dessert everyone loves! Recipe by movers and bakers
Oreo ice cream for National Oreo Day on 6 March

April 2024

2 AprilNational Peanut Butter and Jelly Day (US)
3 AprilNational Chocolate Mousse Day (US)
4 AprilInternational Carrot Day (Intl)
5 AprilCaramel Day (US)
7 AprilNational Coffee Cake Day (US)
13 AprilNational Peach Cobbler Day (US)
14 AprilNational Pecan Day (US)
20 AprilNational Pineapple Upside-down Cake Day (US)
21 AprilNational Tea Day (UK)
23 AprilNational Picnic Day (US)
23 AprilNational Cherry Cheesecake Day (US)
23 AprilSt. George’s Day (UK)
23 AprilInternational Macaron Day (UK)
26 AprilNational Pretzel Day (US)
30 AprilNational Oatmeal Cookie Day (US)
food holidays: carrot cake tray bake with walnuts and lashings of cream cheese icing. Recipe by movers and bakers
Carrot cake traybake for International Carrot Day on 4 April

May 2024

1 – 31 MayNational Strawberry Month
1 – 31 MayNational Egg Month
2 MayNational Chocolate Truffle Day
3 MayNational Chocolate Custard Day
6 MayCrepes Suzette Day
12 MayMother’s Day (Intl)
12 MayNational Nutty Fudge Day (US)
13 MayNational Apple Pie Day (US)
13 MayWorld Cocktail Day (Intl)
15 MayNational Chocolate Chip Day (US)
17 MayNational Cherry Cobbler Day (US)
17 MayWalnut Day
19 MayWorld Baking Day (Intl)
19 MayDevil’s Food Cake Day
21 MayNational Strawberries and Cream Day (US)
21 MayInternational Tea Day (Intl)
26 MayCherry Dessert Day
27 MayGloucestershire Cheese Rolling (UK)
27 May – 2 JuneNational BBQ Week (UK)
29 MayNational Biscuit Day (UK)
31 MayNational Coconut Macaroon Day (US)
Buttermilk fruit scones. Made without eggs and deliciously tender, these buttermilk fruit scones are always popular. Recipe by movers and bakers
Buttermilk fruit scones for International Tea Day on 21 May

June 2024

1 JuneWorld Milk Day (Intl)
2 JuneNational Rocky Road Day (US)
3 JuneNational Chocolate Macaroon Day (US)
5 JuneNational Gingerbread Day (US)
6 JuneChurro Day
7 JuneNational Doughnut Day (US)
7 JuneNational Chocolate Ice Cream Day (US)
8 JuneWorld Gin Day (Intl)
9 JuneInternational Lemon Drizzle Cake Day (Intl)
11 JuneNational German Chocolate Cake Day (US)
12 JuneNational Peanut Butter Cookie Day (US)
13 JuneCupcake Lover’s Day
14 JuneNational Strawberry Shortcake Day (US)
16 JuneFather’s Day (Intl)
16 JuneNational Fudge Day (US)
17 JuneNational Apple Strudel Day
17-25 JuneNational Picnic Week (UK)
18 JuneInternational Picnic Day (Intl)
18 JuneInternational Sushi Day
22 JuneNational Chocolate Eclair Day (US)
27 JuneInternational Pineapple Day (Intl)
28 JuneNational Cream Tea Day (UK)
Pineapple curd. A delicious vibrant curd, brilliant to use in bakes and to top pancakes, waffles and ice cream. Recipe by movers and bakers
Pineapple curd for International Pineapple Day on 27 June

July 2024

1 – 31 JulyNational Picnic Month (UK)
1 – 31 JulyNational Ice Cream Month (US)
1 JulyNational Gingersnap Day (US)
5 JulyNational Apple Turnover Day
7 JulyWorld Chocolate Day (Intl)
8 JulyBlueberry Day
8 JulyIce Cream Sundae Day
9 JulyNational Sugar Cookie Day (US)
10 JulyNational Pina Colada Day (US)
11 JulyNational Mojito Day (US)
11 JulyNational Blueberry Muffin Day (US)
12 JulyNational Pecan Pie Day (US)
17 JulyPeach Ice Cream Day
20 JulyNational Lollipop Day (US)
21 JulyWorld Ice Cream Day (Intl)
21 JulyNational Lamington Day (Aus)
22 JulyMango Day
23 JulyVanilla Ice Cream Day
25 JulyNational Hot Fudge Sundae Day (US)
27 JulyNational Creme Brûlée Day (US)
28 JulyNational Milk Chocolate Day (US)
30 JulyNational Cheesecake Day (US)
31 JulyNational Raspberry Cake Day (US)
Mango pistachio ice cream
Mango ice cream for World Ice Cream Day on 21 July and Mango Day on 22 July

August 2024

2 AugustNational Ice Cream Sandwich Day (US)
4 AugustNational Chocolate Chip Cookie Day (Intl)
9 AugustSwiss Roll Day
9 AugustRice Pudding Day
10 AugustNational S’mores Day (US)
11 AugustNational Bakewell Tart Day (UK)
12-18 AugustAfternoon Tea Week (UK)
13 AugustProsecco Day
15 AugustLemon Meringue Pie Day
17 AugustCupcake Day (UK)
17 AugustVanilla Custard Day
22 AugustWorld Plant Milk Day
23 AugustNational Spongecake Day (US)
24 AugustNational Peach Pie Day (US)
25 AugustNational Banana Split Day (US)
29 AugustLemon Juice Day (UK)
30 AugustToasted Marshmallow Day
31 AugustInternational Bacon Day (Intl)
food holidays: Eggless chocolate chip cookies are soft and chewy and so easy to make! Make a couple batch, you won't regret it! Recipe by movers and bakers
Eggless chocolate chip cookies for International Chocolate Chip Cookie Day on 4 August

September 2024

1 – 30 SeptemberNational Honey Month
2 SeptemberWorld Coconut Day (Intl)
4 SeptemberNational Macadamia Nut Day (US)
4 SeptemberEat An Extra Dessert Day (UK)
6 SeptemberNational Coffee Ice Cream Day (US)
9 SeptemberNational “I Love Food” Day
11 SeptemberNational Hot Cross Bun Day (US)
12 SeptemberNational Chocolate Milkshake Day (US)
13 SeptemberPeanut Day
14 SeptemberCream Filled Donut Day
21 SeptemberNational Pecan Cookie Day (US)
22 SeptemberNational Ice Cream Cone Day (US)
22 SeptemberNational White Chocolate Day (US)
26 SeptemberNational Key Lime Pie Day (US)
27 SeptemberWorld’s Biggest Coffee Morning
29 SeptemberNational Mocha Day (US)
29 SeptemberNational Biscotti Day
My eggless key lime pie is perfect for entertaining! Make ahead, creamy and full of flavour, this beautiful pie will be adored by everyone to tries it! Recipe by movers and bakers
Key lime pie for Key Lime Pie Day on 26 September

October 2024

1 – 31 OctoberNational Apple Month
1 – 31 OctoberNational Cookie Month
1 – 31 OctoberNational Dessert Month
1 OctoberNational Pumpkin Spice Day (US)
1 OctoberInternational Coffee Day (Intl)
4 OctoberNational Vodka Day (US)
10 OctoberNational Angel Food Cake Day (US)
13 OctoberNational M&M Day (US)
14 OctoberThanksgiving (Can)
14 OctoberNational Dessert Day (US)
15 – 21 OctoberUK Coffee Week (UK)
16 OctoberWorld Food Day
18 OctoberNational Chocolate Cupcake Day
19 OctoberInternational Gin & Tonic Day (Intl)
21 OctoberApple Day (UK)
22 OctoberNational Nut Day
23 OctoberBoston Cream Pie Day
26 OctoberNational Mincemeat Pie Day
26 OctoberPumpkin Day
31 OctoberHalloween
31 OctoberNational Caramel Apple Day (US)
food holidays: Pumpkin Spice Cookies Cream Cheese Frosting. Recipe by movers and bakers
Halloween pumpkin spice cookies for Halloween on 31 October

November 2024

1 NovemberWorld Vegan Day (Intl)
5 NovemberGuy Fawke’s (Bonfire) Night (UK)
6 NovemberNachos Day
8 NovemberNational Cappuccino Day (US)
9 NovemberBritish Pudding Day (UK)
10 NovemberNational Vanilla Cupcake Day (US)
11 NovemberNational Sundae Day (US)
12 NovemberNational Pizza Day
15 NovemberNational Bundt Day
17 NovemberHomemade Bread Day (Intl)
17 NovemberNational Baklava Day (US)
21 NovemberNational Gingerbread Day (UK)
23 NovemberNational Espresso Day (US)
25 NovemberNational “Eat with a Friend” Day
26 NovemberNational Cake Day (US)
28 NovemberThanksgiving (US)
28 NovemberFrench Toast Day
30 NovemberNational Mousse Day
food holidays: Sticky toffee pudding. Recipe by movers and bakers
Sticky toffee pudding for British Pudding Day on 9 November

December 2024

2 DecemberEnglish Breakfast Day
4 DecemberNational Cookie Day (US)
5 DecemberNational Comfort Food Day (US)
5 DecemberSachertorte Day
6 DecemberNational Microwave Oven Day
7 DecemberNational Cotton Candy Day (US)
8 DecemberNational Brownie Day (US)
9 DecemberNational Pastry Day (US)
12 DecemberGingerbread House Day
15 DecemberNational Gingerbread Latte Day
15 DecemberNational Lemon Cupcake Day (US)
17 DecemberNational Maple Syrup Day (US)
19 DecemberNational Oatmeal Muffin Day (US)
24 DecemberChristmas Eve (Intl)
24 DecemberNational Egg Nog Day (US)
25 DecemberChristmas Day (Intl)
25 DecemberNational Pumpkin Pie Day (US)
26 DecemberNational Candy Cane Day (US)
27 DecemberNational Fruitcake Day (US)
31 DecemberNew Year’s Eve (Intl)
Black Forest yule log. Deeply chocolatey, rich cherries and a perfect balance of cherry liquor, this is one festive bake everyone will love! Recipe by movers and bakers
Black Forest Yule Log for Christmas Day on 25 December