About Me

Hi, I’m Andrea and welcome to my little baking creative space! Let me share a little about me 😊

I have loved baking ever since I was a little girl, often being told off for being in the kitchen baking instead of doing my homework! My favourite all time food? Chocolate, hands down! 🍫

At university I studied music, and then went on to become a piano teacher, which I still do and love. When I married and had children, I knew I wanted to share my love of baking with them. I used this time to experiment more, catering too for fussy toddlers and young children, and of course, to always create every single birthday cake for my children (naturally!) themed as they wanted.

After many years of raising our two gorgeous kiddos, amongst them home educating too, my love of creating beautiful food, baking and feeding others has never left me. So, inspired by my love of GBBO, I wanted to create a space to share my food with more than just those nearby, but also family and friends across the miles, so Movers & Bakers was born!

This is where I’ll share all my love of food and how I make it. From simple recipes for cupcakes to profiteroles, cheesecakes and bakes to do with the children, I will be sharing all the love and laughter of our home with you.

Thanks so much for stopping by, I’m excited to share some delicious food and recipes with you! 😊

Andrea x