Cooking conversions

Recipes all over the world are made using a range of measurements, requiring cooking conversions if they are units you are not used to. Cups, grams, ounces or millilitres are used for measuring out ingredients. And ovens can use Celcius (ºC) Farenheit (ºF) or even Gas Marks to denote the temperature required.

To help you navigate this sometimes confusing world of cooking and baking conversions, I have put together this handy guide, which I will add to and amend as needed. Here, you will find ingredient conversion tools and temperature conversion charts to help you find the information you require in a way you are comfortable with.

I hope you will find this helpful! Please do leave me a comment if there are any other cooking conversions you would like to see!

Andrea in her element: in the kitchen, baking! Conversions are a natural part of loving baking, so this is a useful list to help everyone seeking it!

Oven Temperatures

How often have you come across a recipe which uses oven temperatures you are not used to? Fear not, my friends! I have created a handy little table to help you with your oven temperature cooking conversions between Celcius (ºC), Farenheit (ºF) and Gas Mark.

Ingredient Conversions

Tools and charts to help you convert your measurements between grams (g), cups (US cups), millilitres (ml) and ounces (oz) for a variety of baking ingredients. I offer ingredient conversions for more commonly used baking ingredients such as flour, sugar, butter and milk. But you can also find cups to grams conversions of less used ingredients such as oats, condensed milk and some fruit too.

Happy baking, my friends!