Pies + Cheesecakes

Pies and cheesecakes are fabulous treats to make any time! However, since they tend to be for larger in size, they’re more often made for special occasions or to share with loved ones.

There is something so comforting about the creaminess of delicious pies and cheesecakes. For many people though, there is a preconception that making these particular desserts is hard or time consuming. Here you will find recipes for both that are relatively quick and definitely easy to bring together. Plus I love that you can get creative with decorating it, making it fully your own!

If you have any recipes for either of these treats that you would like to see, as always just drop me a comment and I’ll see what I can do!

My mini egg cheesecakes are perfectly adorable, individual cheesecakes with a chocolate biscuit base, a creamy cheesecake filling packed with mini eggs, and a chocolate nest with even more mini eggs to decorate. Heavenly! Recipe by movers and bakers

Mini Egg Cheesecakes

Entertaining and looking for Easter cheesecake ideas? My sweet individual mini egg cheesecakes make for excellent single serve desserts! They are so simple to make, perfect to make ahead for stress free entertaining and are just too cute to resist! […]

My no bake mini egg cheesecake is wonderfully simple to make and just too good to resist! Decorated simply with a halo of melted chocolate and mini eggs, this beautiful dessert is a sure crowd pleaser! Recipe by movers and bakers

Mini Egg Cheesecake

Looking for an easy Easter dessert for the abundance of mini eggs in your home? Stuck for Easter cheesecake ideas? You may have just found what you are looking for! This no bake mini egg cheesecake is so simple to […]

Blackberry cheesecake. An almond biscuit base is topped with a creamy blackberry cheesecake filling and finished with a blackberry drizzle, flaked almonds and some fresh fruit. Recipe by movers and bakers

Mini Blackberry Cheesecake

Serve these individual servings of blackberry cheesecake to friends and family for a delightful summery dessert. Creamy and dreamy, with a delicate almond flavoured crust and a pretty drizzle to decorate. These beauties are sure to delight everyone who has […]

Cherry cheesecake bars. Delicious shortbread, creamy eggless baked cheesecake and rich cherry pie filling topped with more shortbread crumbs. This is one cheesecake no one can turn down! Recipe by movers and bakers

Cherry Cheesecake Bars

Calling all cherry fans and cheesecake lovers! These cherry cheesecake bars are especially for you! A beautiful buttery shortbread base, silky smooth vanilla cheesecake, delicious homemade cherry pie filling and a topping of more shortbread crumble. Absolutely heaven in a […]

Rhubarb cheesecake. Tangy vanilla cheesecake with delicious swirls of rhubarb throughout make this pretty cheesecake perfect for any occasion! Recipe by movers and bakers

Rhubarb Cheesecake

Make the most of seasonal rhubarb with a delicious no bake rhubarb cheesecake. A buttery digestive biscuit crust topped with smooth creamy vanilla cheesecake, layered and swirled with a rich rhubarb compote. A simple but wonderful dessert for any occasion! […]

Chocolate strawberry cheesecake. A silky smooth chocolate cheesecake conceals a hidden surprise strawberry middle in these delightful mini no bake cheesecakes! Recipe by movers and bakers

Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake

If you fancy a chocolate strawberry cheesecake, you have come to the right place! These have a deep cookies and cream crust, a silky smooth chocolate cheesecake filling and a hidden strawberry middle. I like to make them as mini […]