Lemon blueberry mini pavlova nests. Melt in your mouth meringue, soft whipped cream, lemon curd and plenty of blueberries make this a summertime dessert dream! Recipe by movers and bakers

Lemon Blueberry Mini Pavlova Nests

Make the most of summer feels with these summery lemon blueberry mini pavlova nests. This gorgeous lemon and blueberry dessert brings summer into a deliciously tantalising sweet treat that just melts in the mouth. Make it now, you’ll thank me […]

Strawberry macarons. Crisp, chewy, sweet, soft and nutty. And totally irresistible, filled with sweet vanilla buttercream and delicious strawberry jam. Recipe by movers and bakers

Strawberry Macarons

I absolutely adore macarons! They are crisp and chewy and sweet and soft and nutty and totally irresistible! And with it being strawberry season, I certainly need no better excuse to make some sensational strawberry macarons! Pretty in pink! Strawberry […]

Eton mess mini pavlova nests. A perfect mash up for a summertime dessert, combining delicious pavlova with fresh strawberries and softly whipped cream. Recipe by movers and bakers

Eton Mess Mini Pavlova Nests

Everyone loves Eton mess and everyone loves pavlova… right? In fact, can you think of anything better than combining the two to make a heavenly strawberries and cream mini pavlova dessert? This was my thought process on how to make […]

This Union Jack meringue cake has layers of crispy and chewy meringue filled with a creamy mascarpone filling and blackberry jam and is topped with plenty of delicious fresh berries in a Union Jack design! Recipe by movers and bakers

Union Jack Meringue Cake

I absolutely adore meringues, in all its forms, but a meringue cake has to be one of the most beautiful and special desserts ever! I absolutely love enjoying my meringue with fresh fruit too, so getting creative with the Union […]