Pastry is essential in the repertoire of any baker. Here you can find my baking basics recipe for sweet shortcrust, as well as ways to use it in bakes.

Pastry is often something that concerns people. Too tough, soggy bottoms, too crumbly … the list goes on. But before you go down that rabbit hole, take a look at my basics sweet shortcrust post. I share with you all my top tips and advice to make foolproof pastry every time. So never again will it be feared!

As always, do let me know if there are other recipes you would like to see here, I’d love to know!

Churros with chocolate sauce. These heart shaped churros are a perfect Valentine's dessert, or just to share with loved ones any time! Churros served with a wonderful rich chocolate fudge sauce makes this an indulgent dessert everyone loves! Recipe by movers and bakers

Easy Baked Churros with Chocolate Sauce

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I wanted to create something extra special and just as delicious you could share with your loved ones. These churros with chocolate sauce are everything they promise and more! Crispy oven baked churros with […]

Caramel apple tart. A buttery shortbread pastry base, filled with rich caramel and topped with beautiful apple roses. Recipe by movers and bakers

Caramel Apple Tart

My caramel apple tart combines beautiful buttery pastry, smooth caramel and tart apples in a stunningly striking bake! This apple rose tart may take a little effort to put together, but requires just a few ingredients and is sure to […]

Lemon curd tarts. My lemon tarts with lemon curd are perfect little mouthfuls of delight! Buttery pastry shells filled with a soft and smooth lemon curd make these lemon tartlets one not to miss! Recipe by movers and bakers

Lemon Curd Tarts

A delightfully joyful bake, these lemon curd tarts are sure to make you smile! A beautiful buttery mini shortcrust pastry shell filled to the brim with a bright and zingy lemon curd. The whole thing just melts in your mouth […]

Mini jam tarts. Beautiful buttery shortcrust pastry shells filled with delicious jam. And don't forget the little pastry star! Recipe by movers and bakers

Mini Jam Tarts

These adorable little jam tarts are too cute to resist! Beautiful buttery shortcrust pastry filled with your favourite jam, or even a selection of different jams. Perfect little mouthfuls of joy! What are jam tarts? Jam tarts, jam tartlets, mini […]

Sweet shortcrust pastry recipe. Detailed step-by-step instructions to make beautiful sweet shortcrust pastry at home. Recipe by movers and bakers

Sweet Shortcrust Pastry Recipe

A good, reliable sweet shortcrust pastry recipe is a must in the repertoire of any baker. It is so versatile, a perfect base for a wide range of pies and tarts. Follow my guide, with lots of top tips to […]

Cherry bakewell tartlets. Cherry and almond in a sweet shortcrust pastry topped with smooth icing and a glacé cherry half. Heaven! Recipe by movers and bakers

Mini Cherry Bakewell Tartlets

This cherry bakewell tartlets recipe is the only one you will ever need for the perfect mini cherry bakewell tarts. Beautiful buttery pastry, rich cherry jam, scrumptious almond frangipane. All topped with a layer of icing and, of course, the […]