Since food is integral to the marking of so many celebrations from around the world, it just made sense for me to have a seasonal bakes section for you too.

Here you will find recipes for different seasons, to suit what is popular during the time of year and what is readily available in stores. From mince pies at Christmas to mini egg cupcakes at Easter and adorable Halloween cookies. In this space you will find recipes to help you decide what you want to bake!

As always, please do let me know what else you would like to see in this seasonal bakes part of my blog, and I’ll do my best to get it up for you!

Tiramisu cake. Taking all the classic flavours of the traditional Italian dessert and bringing it into a cake no one can resist! Recipe by movers and bakers

Tiramisu Cake

Calling all tiramisu lovers, this one is dedicated to you! Bringing together all the deliciousness of that infamous dessert in a cake, my tiramisu cake will have you going back for seconds! Moist and tender cake layers laced with a […]

Plum and apple crumble. Hearty, cosy and so simple to make, my plum and apple crumble will warm your belly and satisfy your tastebuds! A firm family favourite! Recipe by movers and bakers

Plum and Apple Crumble

The arrival of autumn brings with it one of our family’s favourite desserts: crumble! Hearty, cosy, warming and so simple to make, my plum and apple crumble will warm your belly and satisfy your tastebuds! A firm favourite in our […]

Apple and blackberry crumble. A delicious autumnal favourite, with the stunning combination of seasonal apples and blackberries topped with a crunchy crumble topping. Perfect served with cream, ice cream or custard, or just enjoyed on its own. Recipe by movers and bakers

Apple and Blackberry Crumble

Apple and blackberry is just a perfect combination, with the two flavours working so well together. And as the weather grows cooler and more autumnal, crumbles are a firm favourite in our home, to warm us up and satisfy our […]

Carrot cake cupcakes. Moist and fluffy spiced carrot cake cupcakes with walnuts topped with a delicious tangy cream cheese frosting and decorated with walnuts. Recipe by movers and bakers

Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Carrot cake cupcakes are fabulous all year round, but especially welcome as a delicious Easter treat! This one is the best carrot cake cupcake recipe you will find, yielding fabulous moist carrot cupcakes, topped with a lush cream cheese buttercream […]

Mini egg cookie bars. Soft and chewy brown butter cookie bars packed with Cadburys mini eggs make this an Easter bake everyone will love! Recipe by movers and bakers

Mini Egg Cookie Bars

These mini egg cookie bars are wonderfully moist and chewy, and extra delicious with beautiful browned butter! Delicious and so simple to make, this Cadbury mini eggs recipe is sure to be a hit all round! Chocolate season! For many, […]