Cakes are the number one celebration food the world over! I mean, can you even imagine a birthday party without one?

Here, I have a selection of delicious cakes for you to choose from. Within each post, I share information on how you can achieve the best bake. I also share points to remember to help your baking go smoothly and with perfect results.

For me, chocolate fudge is my all time favourite, but perhaps you have a different one I have not yet added. Please do let me know what you would like to see and I will get on it for you!

These caramel lava cakes have a beautiful salted caramel filling that is just to die for, encased in a light and delicious chocolate cake. Serve with some fresh berries and a scoop of ice cream for pure dessert heaven! Recipe by movers and bakers

Salted Caramel Lava Cakes

These salted caramel lava cakes are a perfect dessert for entertaining, date night or even for Valentine’s Day! They are a delicious oozing caramel middle (salt it or not, depending on your preferences) encased in a perfect moist chocolate cake. […]

Easy lemon drizzle cake. A light and fluffy cake packed with plenty of delicious zingy lemon flavour, topped with a sweet lemon drizzle. A perfect tea time treat! Recipe by movers and bakers

Easy Lemon Drizzle Cake

A good lemon drizzle cake is an essential in any baker’s repertoire, and this baby does not disappoint! Light and fluffy and packed with plenty of lemon flavour, this delicious and easy lemon drizzle cake will have everyone coming back […]

Tiramisu cake. Taking all the classic flavours of the traditional Italian dessert and bringing it into a cake no one can resist! Recipe by movers and bakers

Tiramisu Cake

Calling all tiramisu lovers, this one is dedicated to you! Bringing together all the deliciousness of that infamous dessert in a cake, my tiramisu cake will have you going back for seconds! Moist and tender cake layers laced with a […]

Coffee and walnut loaf. A wonderfully rich coffee flavoured cake, studded with walnuts is topped with a perfectly sweet coffee frosting and a generous sprinkling of walnuts to finish. Heavenly coffee cake! Recipe by movers and bakers

Coffee and Walnut Loaf

I love loaf cakes! They are so easy to bake and even easier to cut and share and enjoy! And my gorgeous coffee and walnut loaf cake is light and fluffy and so delicious! It is packed with rich coffee […]

My pumpkin spice loaf cake is moist and delicate, gently spiced with warm pumpkin spice and topped with an irresistible maple spiced glaze and pecan pieces. Recipe by movers and bakers

Pumpkin Spice Loaf Cake

My pumpkin spice loaf cake is perfectly spiced, with a soft moist crumb and a delicious maple glaze topped with pecans. It is made without eggs and so can easily be made vegan too, with perfect results every time! An […]

Vegan coconut cake. A light, fluffy and moist coconut cake, drizzled in a glorious coconut glaze and topped with toasted coconut shavings. Coconut tropical heaven! Recipe by movers and bakers

Vegan Coconut Cake

My vegan coconut cake is delightfully moist, light and fluffy and full of wonderful tropical coconut flavour. It is topped with a simply delicious coconut glaze and a decoration of toasted coconut flakes for a simple but effective flourish. Tropical […]