Brownies + Blondies

Brownies and blondies are always a real treat. Chewy and sweet and delightful, they are the ultimate comfort food and so adaptable too.

Here you will find basic recipes for both bakes, as well as different flavour combinations. My particular favourites have to be my raspberry white chocolate blondies (because it’s my favourite flavour pairing of all time) and my Oreo brownies for their rich deep chocolatey deliciousness.

Plus, each post contains some top tips to help you get the best results from your bakes every time. Please do have a look through and let me know if there are any other recipes you would like to see too.

vegan biscoff brownies recipe

Vegan Biscoff Brownies

These homemade vegan Biscoff brownies are to die for! They are fudgy and chewy in the middle with a wonderful crisp top and beautiful bites of chocolate chips and Biscoff biscuits in every mouthful. Confession time guys. I am OBSESSED […]

Chocolate chip brownies recipe

Chocolate Chip Brownies Recipe

Looking for a no-fail chocolate chip brownies recipe for chewy, decadent and gorgeous brownies? Look no further, this is the only one you will need! For those of you who know me, you’ll know one of my biggest indulgences (and […]