Rhubarb cheesecake. Tangy vanilla cheesecake with delicious swirls of rhubarb throughout make this pretty cheesecake perfect for any occasion! Recipe by movers and bakers
Eggless, Pies + Cheesecakes

Rhubarb Cheesecake

Make the most of seasonal rhubarb with a delicious no bake rhubarb cheesecake. A buttery digestive biscuit crust topped with smooth creamy vanilla cheesecake, layered and swirled with a rich rhubarb compote. A simple but wonderful dessert for any occasion! […]

Mini egg ice cream. An easy, 4 ingredient no churn ice cream. Perfect Easter treat for all the family! Recipe by movers and bakers
Ice cream

Mini Egg Ice Cream

Easter is just around the corner, and what could be a better way to enjoy it (and the coming spring and summer months!) than with ice cream? This scrumptious mini egg ice cream is such a simple no churn recipe […]