Cupcakes are the most popular cake recipes on my blog, and for good reason too!

Delicious, versatile and wonderfully adaptable for different tastes, requirements and diets, cupcakes always go down a treat. Plus, because they are a ready made single serving size, they are a really convenient option for taking to share with friends. No need to cut slices of a larger cake means more time to eat cake, right?

Plus, who can resist a cupcake with a gorgeous icing swirl on top? I certainly struggle to! In these posts, I share my tips on how to get your cupcakes and decoration looking fabulous. Plus I share all the equipment I use to make these, so you can recreate them exactly as I have if you wish!

mini victoria sponge cakes

Mini Victoria Sponge Cakes

These mini Victoria sponge cakes are a total winner every time! Light and fluffy vanilla mini cakes sandwiched with beautiful strawberry jam and delicious vanilla buttercream. They are so simple, but these Victoria sponge cup cakes are always enjoyed by […]

Mini egg easter cupcakes. Recipe by movers and bakers

Mini Egg Cupcakes

My mini egg cupcakes are a perfect balance of rich and deeply chocolatey cupcakes, soft and light vanilla buttercream ruffle, and delicious mini eggs to finish it off. If you’re looking for an Easter themed cupcake that everyone will enjoy, […]

Enchanted Eggs chocolate caramel cupcakes. An easy and indulgent Easter bake. Recipe by movers and bakers

Enchanted Eggs Chocolate Caramel Cupcakes

Inspired by the beautiful Galaxy Enchanted Eggs, my Enchanted Egg chocolate caramel cupcakes make a wonderfully decadent Easter themed baking treat! Chocolate cupcakes, a hidden caramel filling, light chocolate buttercream swirl and a crowning of those beautiful rose gold enchanted […]

Lemon curd cupcakes. Cram packed with beautiful lemon flavour and curd at every opportunity, these cupcakes are truly a lemon lover's delight! Recipe by movers and bakers

Lemon Curd Cupcakes

These lemon curd cupcakes are for all you lemon lovers out there! Cram packed with beautiful lemon flavour and lemon curd at every opportunity, these cupcakes are truly a lemon lover’s delight! First is the deliciously lemony cupcakes filled with […]