Snickerdoodle Cookies Without Cream of Tartar

How to Make Snickerdoodle Cookies Without Cream of Tartar

Perfect little chewy cinnamon cookies with a wonderfully crisp outer shell. These Snickerdoodle Cookies without cream of tartar are quick, fun and delicious anytime!

Snickerdoodle Cookies Without Cream of Tartar

Cinnamon + sugar = winner

Anything with cinnamon is a winner in my books, wouldn’t you agree? In fact, my daughter has now named these her all-time favourite cookies! The jury’s out on whether it’s the crisp shell, the chewy cookie or just the fact they smell utterly divine! Either way, I have to say she has good taste, huh? 😊

If you’re a cinnamon sugar fanatic too, these will surely be high on your list of to makes, if you’ve not made them already! Whilst you’re planning your upcoming cinnamon bakes though, don’t forget to also check out my Snickerdoodles Cheesecake (perfect for satisfying the Snickerdoodle craving with a bit of decadence!) as well as these Snickerdoodle Cookie Bars (ideal for picnics and lunchboxes!) too.

The best thing about these cookies is not just how amazing they taste, but actually that they are just the simplest thing to make too. Great for something quick to whizz together for a little treat with an afternoon cup of tea, or wrap them up in a pretty box with some ribbon to make a wonderful homemade gift, the possibilities are endless! And they taste so good, people will think they’re so much harder to make than they really are!

Snickerdoodle Cookies Without Cream of Tartar

How to make Snickerdoodle Cookies without cream of tartar

This has to be one of the simplest cookie recipes I have to make. Simply mix together your wet ingredients, add in the dry ingredients, then shape, roll in cinnamon sugar (just try to resist licking your fingers every time!) and bake! Delicious snickerdoodle cookies without cream of tartar are now yours for the making!

You guys know I love to hear from you, so do share your experiences and love for this with me, it makes me so happy hearing of your baking joys too!

Happy baking, my friends 😊

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How to Make Snickerdoodle Cookies Without Cream of Tartar

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Sweet and cinnamony = perfectly heavenly cookies!


  • For the cookies
  • 175 g (¾ cup + 1 tbsp) sugar (I used granulated)

  • 125 ml (½ cup) vegetable oil

  • 1 lrg egg

  • ½ tsp vanilla extract

  • 225 g (1¼ cups + 2 tbsp) plain (all purpose) flour

  • ½ tsp bicarbonate of soda (baking soda)

  • ¼ tsp salt

  • ¾ tsp cinnamon

  • For the sugar coating
  • 1 tbsp sugar

  • ½ tsp cinnamon


  • Preheat your oven to 180C/350F and line 2 baking sheets with paper.
  • In a large bowl, mix the oil, egg, vanilla and sugar. Sift in your flour, bicarb, salt and cinnamon and stir to combine.
  • In a small separate bowl, mix sugar and cinnamon for the sugar coating.
  • Shape your dough into balls (about the size of a golf ball), and roll in the sugar coating before placing on your prepared baking sheet.
  • Bake your cookies for 8-10 minutes, leave to cool briefly on the baking sheet, then transfer to a cooling rack to cool completely. Enjoy!

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  1. Rose Miller

    These snickerdoodles were the BEST! I made these for my brothers and they couldn’t stop eating them! Crispy on the outside, and so soft and chewy on the inside.

  2. Rose Miller

    Just a converted list of measurements for us customary system users:
    3/4 cup sugar
    1/2 cup oil
    1 cup flour
    From my experience you have to add a little,e more flour to get the best result.

    • Hi Rose, thank you for your comment! I hadn’t realised I hadn’t provided US measurements on here, my error. I have updated the post, and the quantities are a little different to your suggestion, which correlates to more than 1c flour needed as you noticed too. Thank you so much for helping bring this to my attention, so appreciate you taking the time. Have a lovely day! 😊

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