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mini victoria sponge cakes
Cakes, Cupcakes

Mini Victoria Sponge Cakes

This mini Victoria sponge cakes recipe is a total winner every time! Light and fluffy vanilla sponge cakes sandwiched with beautiful strawberry jam and delicious vanilla buttercream. So simple but always enjoyed by everyone! A bit of history… Who would […]

baked blueberry lemon doughnuts

Baked Lemon Blueberry Doughnuts

My baked lemon blueberry doughnuts are absolutely delicious! A soft fluffy lemon doughnut with beautiful pops of blueberry topped with a stunning blueberry glaze. These taste every bit as good as they look, a real showstopper! 😍 Spring has sprung! […]

biscoff ice cream
Ice cream

Biscoff Ice Cream Recipe (No Churn)

This smooth and creamy Biscoff ice cream recipe, complete with swirls of Biscoff spread and chunks of Biscoff biscuits is going to become your new favourite summer treat! No churn or fancy equipment needed for this, it’s quick and easy […]


Easy Buttermilk Fruit Scones

My easy buttermilk fruit scones are the only fool-proof recipe you will ever need for the most beautiful scones! Perfect fresh out of the oven and still warm or cool and split topped with clotted cream and jam. Or any […]

Brownies, Cookies

Brownie Cookies Recipe

Fancy brownies and cookies? But don’t want to make two desserts? Well, now you can make both in one! My delicious brownie cookies recipe (or brookies, as I like to call them!) is perfectly gooey and chewy like brownies all […]

mini egg easter cupcakes
Chocolate, Cupcakes

Mini Egg Easter Cupcakes

My Mini Egg Easter cupcakes are a perfect balance of chocolatey cupcakes and soft vanilla buttercream, with beautiful Mini Eggs to finish it off. Everyone loves these, and they look so pretty! 😊 This year’s obsession: mini eggs! So Easter […]